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XI College Admission 2023- 2024 | XI Class Admission

HSC College Admission 2023 | XI Class Admission – www xiclassadmission gov bd result 2023 published. XI Class Admission Result 2023 (HSC Admission Result 2023) Merit List available here. www xiclassadmission gov bd publish College Admission Result 2023-2024 online. HSC Admission Result 2023 will be published 05 september 2023. XI Class Admission is going on. All of the SSC Passed Examine can Apply to their Desire College or Institute via XI Class Admission.

HSC College Admission 2023

The Ministry of Education arranged this process for avoiding Admission related Problem. In here, we are providing XI Class Admission 2023 all updates. We hope that it is very important to you and your friend’s. Let’s start reading from the below. When the SSC Result will publish, XI Class Admission Circular will also publish. Admission will start after 1 Week (Max) publishing the SSC Result. As an Applicant, you must read the circular clearly.

XI Class Admission Result 2023

XI Class Admission Result 2023 (www xiclassadmission gov bd) Result will be published on 05 September 2023. the Authority will publish the Result early in the day. Second Merit List Result will be published on 16 September 2023. To check your Result, Keep ready your SSC Roll, Registration Number, Board Name and passing Year.

XI Class Admission Schedule 2023

Here are the important dates of XI Class Admission 2023. We recommend you to keep the dates save. It may require in future. After publishing the XI Class Admission Circular, the entire Applicant & other people know about the Schedule and Activities of Admission. So, you can keep saving these dates now from the below listed.

  • Online Application Start: 10 Aug 2023
  • Deadline Application: 20 Aug 2023 at 11:59 PM
  • XI Class Admission Result publish 1st Merit list: 05 Sep 2023
  • College Selected list: 07 Sep 2023 to 09 Sep 2023
  • 2nd Time College Migration and Application: 12 Sep 2023
  • 1st Migration Result Merit list: 16 Sep 2023
  • 3rd Time College Migration and Application: 20 Sep 2023
  • 2nd Migration Result: 23 Sep 2023
  • Class Start: 08 Oct 2023
  • Application Fee: 150 Taka.

We may add more Dates here for you. It will be updated when a change will be detected. If the authority changes the Schedule or makes a new Waiting Result or Migration Result in XI Class Admission, It will available here soon.

XI Class Admission Result 2023

The Applicant can submit their XI Class Admission Application from Online and also via Teletalk. One is Web-based XI Class Admission. Another is SMS based XI Class Admission. Online based Application system is very easy. Here an Application can enter his/her Personal Information and select the College/Institute from a specific Location. But, while the Applicant will apply via Teletalk SMS, they need to collect the College/Institute EIIN Number First. Then they can only apply to the desire College. So, Read both system details information with step by step guides from the circular.

Just Type & Select Necessary Information (Roll, Registration, Board & Year). Then Click on the View Result button. Your Result will be available on the Screen.

XI Class Admission Circular 2023-2024

XI Class Admission Circular 2023 has published. The Ministry of Education published the Circular on their official Website. It is also available on XI Class Admission Official Website (  The Applicant can apply within the Schedule time. In the below section of this post, we have added XI Class Admission Schedule 2023. You will get Application form Submission Start date, Last date of Application, Application Fee Submit last date and Admission Result Publish date. Some more dates are also available on the Schedule Section.



How to Apply HSC Admission 2023?

Two systems are available for apply XI Class Admission. One is Online and another is Mobile SMS. The Applicant can Apply with anyone process they may like. The online system of HSC College Admission allows up to 10 College choices at a time. Mobile SMS System allows one  College per Application. So, with the Mobile SMS system, you need to apply for the desired college.  We always recommend people to use the Online Application System. It will allow 10 colleges in one Application. Only a single fee payment is enough. Let’s check the details information below.

XI Class Admission 2023 Online Form Fill up

If you want to apply for HSC Admission 2023 Online, you need to follow some easy steps. Before following these steps, you need to keep ready your SSC Roll Number, Board, Registration Number, and A contact Mobile Number (Any Operator). Then, keep Ready a Sure Account or a Teletalk Prepaid Number. Keep Admission fee of BDT 150 on any Account (Sure Cash or Teletalk). Now pay your Admission Fee and keep saving the Transaction Number. We have added the Details information below. You will get a complete concept of XI Class Admission Fee Payment.

After paying the Fee, Visit and click Apply now. On the above system, you will see the Online Application form. Just type your SSC Roll Number, Select Education Board Name & Passing Year. Type SSC Registration Number and Security Key. Then, click on the Next button. Then, you will see your Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Board, GPA, and other Personal Information. Now type and re-type your Mobile Number (Contact Number) which is used to pay the Admission Fee. Now select Quota (If available). If you don’t have any quota, Please Click the next button. Now select Board, District, and thana name. Then you will see all available colleges in your selected location.

Now select a Minimum of 5 Colleges and up to 10 Colleges. Please check that you have selected the right Version, Shift, and  Group. If everything All right, Click Preview Application. After clicking, you will get the Application summary. Now, Again check the submitted information, and Finally, click on the Submit button. You will receive a 6 Digits of Security code in your Contact Phone Number. Please keep the code for future requirements. It must require to preview, correction or change the Application.

How to Pay XI Class Admission Fee 2023 by Teletalk?

If you want to Apply Online, you need to pay the Admission fee first. For paying, Keep more than 155 TK in your Teletalk Account Balance. Then, Go to the Mobile Message option and type the below Message:

CAD <space> WEB <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Year

After typing, Send the Message to 16222. After sending the message, you will receive a PIN via a Message from 16222, Now Reply to the message by Writing:

CAD <space> YES <space> PIN <space> Contact Number

Here, PIN = the PIN (Personal Identity Number) you have received on the last message. Contact Number means your Mobile Number which will receive all notification for the Admission. After replying, you will receive a confirmation SMS with a Transaction ID. Please keep the Transaction ID save. The may be asked by the system while you will go to apply Online.

XI Class Admission 2023 SMS System:

XI Class Admission 2023 SMS-based Application system is available. The Applicant can Apply via SMS from Teletalk prepaid Mobile Phone. With the SMS system of HSC Admission, you can Apply for one College via SMS. SMS Based Admission Fee is 120 TK. First, collect the EIIN Number of your chosen College. Please make sure that you have added the correct EIIN number of the desired College/Institute. Now check your Teletalk Account Balance. If you have more than 125 TK balance available on your Account, you can now send the First message by tying:

CAD <space> College EIIN Number <space> Group Code <space> SSC Board Name <space> SSC Roll Number <space> SSC Passing Year <space> SSC Registration Number <space> Shift Code <space> Version Code <space> Quota Code (if Applicable).

After typing, Send the message to 16222. While you will send the message, you will receive a message with a PIN. You need to reply to the message again to confirm. You need to provide your Contact Number for receiving XI Class Admission Information. Now Reply to the Message by typing:

CAD <space> YES <space> PIN <space> Contact Number

You will receive the confirmation SMS after replying to the Message. That’s enough. Here is the Important Code for you. You need to use these codes for sending the message.

Group Code:

  • Science – SC
  • Business Studies – BS
  • Humanities – HU
  • Home Science – HS
  • Islamic Studies – IS
  • Music – MC
  • General – GE
  • Muzabbid – MU

Board Code: 

  • Dhaka Board – DHA
  • Comilla board -COM
  • Chittagong board -CHI
  • Sylhet board – SYL
  • Rajshahi board -RAJ
  • Jessore board -JES
  • Barishal board -BAR
  • Dinjapur board –DIN
  • Mymensingh board – MYM
  • Madrasha board – MAD
  • Technical board –TEC
  • Bangladesh Open University – BOU

Shift Code:

  • Morning – M
  • Day- D
  • Evening – E
  • If no shift – N

Version Code:

  • Bangla version – B
  • English version – E

Quota Code:

  • FQ – Freedom Fighter
  • EQ – Only for Board Stuff.
  • SQ – Special Quota.
  • PQ – Probashi Quota.

HelpLine (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

  • 01729-722561
  • 01710-882956
  • 01305-703874
  • 01304-732196
  • 01305-703871
  • 01305-703865
  • 01305-703872
Board Help Line
General Board
01715714236[Barisal] 01711283044 [Barisal] 01718852310 [Barisal] 01992294676 [Chittagong] 01999345451 [Chittagong] 01912500897 [Chittagong] 01755699160 [Comilla] 01755697058 [Comilla] 01553344444 [Dhaka] 01912363620 [Dhaka] 01926266904 [Dhaka] 01912526896 [Dhaka] 01716314729 [Dinajpur] 01722608157[Dinajpur] 01717905474 [Dinajpur] 01716787787[Jessore] 01914776290 [Jessore] 01710399266 [Jessore] 01670226000 [Rajshahi] 01711472263 [Rajshahi] 01552361920 [Rajshahi] 01733377800 [Sylhet] 01733377900 [Sylhet] 01733377755 [Sylhet] 01733377770 [Sylhet] 01733377771 [Sylhet] 01733377772 [Sylhet] Madrasa Board

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