Easy Ways To Reduce Electricity Bills।বিদ্যুৎ বিল কমানোর উপায়।

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Some Easy Triks To Reduce Electricity Bills

Today we are hare to tell you some easy tricks for reduce Electricity bill.Now we live in modern society and we can’t imagine a moments without electricity. But when its about the bill our smile gonna away.

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Even if the fan and AC are turned off in winter, there is no problem. That’s why the electricity bill rarely comes. But in the heat? At the end of the month, getting the electricity bill in hand, the head gets hotter!



Let’s take a look at the strategies that can be used to prevent power wastage:

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  • Keep the switch off
  • Use of energy efficient equipment
  • Controlled use of AC
  • One of the controlled uses
  • Use of alternative equipment
  • Use of natural energy
  • Use of solar energy
  • It is important to replace the bad switch
  • Turn off electrical gadgets after use
  • Repair nuts or bad connections
  • Keep your electronics gadgets clean


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