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Gold Price in Bangladesh Today – 28 August 2021

Are you looking for information about the price of gold? Today we will discuss the price of gold on our website and share the correct information with you.In Bangladesh, the common measurement unit for Gold is not always kilogram. General people measure the amount of gold with “Vori”. Usually, when someone asks about the gold price they expect the answer to be converted into “Vori”.  Otherwise, it becomes confusing for them.

Gold Rate Today in Bangladeshi Taka

Gold price today, Wednesday, 28, July 2021 in Bangladesh has decreased significantly by 962.73 Bangladeshi Taka per ounce (change percent of -0.63% compared to yesterday rates Monday, 26, July 2021).

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2021

The prices of 22 Carat gold differ from the price of 21 carat gold. In the same way, the price of 18 Carat gold is also different from the other two. Now the price of 1 Vori of 21 Carat gold is 58028.44 taka. Moreover, the price of 1 Vori of 18 Carat gold price is 60769.44 taka. The 22 carat gold is considered to be the best quality gold. Customers are always eager to purchase the best quality of gold. Therefore, the demand for 22 carat gold is very high in Bangladesh.


22k, 21k, 18k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today & Silver Price


No                               Title              Carat                price
1 GOLD (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                22K          6170 BDT
2 (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                21K           5900 BDT
3 (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                18k           5150 BDT
4 TRADITIONAL METHOD GOLD PER GRAM               ——-           4265 BDT
5 CARAT SILVER (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                 22K           130 BDT
6 CARAT SILVER (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                 21K           123 BDT
7 CARAT SILVER (CADMIUM) PER GRAM                 18K           10 5BDT
8 RADITIONAL METHOD SILVER PER GRAM                ——           80 BDT

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