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GP All Code 2021 | Grameenphone All Code | গ্রামীন ফোনের সব অফার এর কোড

Grameenphone All Code 2021

Grameenphone, widely abbreviated as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, with 82 million subscribers and 46.5% subscriber market share. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation.

Grameenphone Balance Check Code:

The code to check the GP balance is *566#. Just go to your phone’s dialing option and dial that USSD code, wait for a second, and a new window will arrive that carries your balance stat.

Grameenphone Number Check Code:

Just dial *2# to check out your own GP sim number.

Grameenphone Minute Code:

To buy GP minutes, please dial *121# and select the plan you want to buy.

Grameenphone Minute Check Code:

If you have already bought any GP minute pack and want to check the remaining balance, please dial *121*1*2# and get to know your remaining minutes.

Grameenphone Internet Code | GP MB Code:

If you want to buy GP internet, you have to dial on *5000# or *121*3#. And after dialing into this USSD code, you can find so many packages. Now you can choose what you want to have.

Grameenphone Internet Check Code:

To check your remaining GP internet balance, please dial *121*1*2#.

Grameenphone Internet Offer Code:

There is no specified code to youwave android activation key check the GP internet offer. But when you dial *5000# to buy regular packages, there can be options to see if you have any offers available now or not.

Grameenphone Call Divert Code:

To active GP call divert: *21*number#. To deactivate call divert dial #21#.

Grameenphone SMS Code:

To check your GP SMS code, dial *566#.

Grameenphone Caller Tune Off Code:

Go to your phone’s message option. Write down “STOP” and send it to 24000. GP caller tune will be permanently off.

Grameenphone Offer Code:

There is no specific code that allows amibroker crack you to see upcoming GP offers. Some offers can arrive and stay for a short period of time. So keep checking your inbox to get offers and offer codes.

Grameenphone Emergency Code:

To get GP emergency balance, please dial *1010*1#.

Grameenphone Emergency Balance Check Code:

To check GP Emergency Balance please dial *121*1*3#.

Grameenphone Emergency Internet Balance Code:

If you want to get GP Emergency internet balance, please dial *121*3021#. You will get a 12MB internet loan at Tk 5 (validity 3 days)

GP all Important USSD Codes:

(Dial *121# for any Grameenphone Services)

Number Name USSD Code
01. Balance Check (Prepaid) *566#
02. Show Sim Number *2#
03. Grameenphone Services *121#
04. Package Check or Change *121*1*6#
05. Minute Check *566*24# and *566*13#
06. Cancel Special FnF Type SFC _Old Number _New No Send to 2888
07. Set Special FnF Type SF _(017..your number..) Send to 2888
08. FnF Set: (*111*2*1*2#) >>Show FnF no. (*111*2*1*1#)>> Change: (*111*2*1*3#) (Charge Apply)
09. Data (MB) Check *566*10#

10. MMS Check *566*14#
11. VSMS Check *566*13#
12. SMS Check *566*2#
13. Advanced Balance *1010*1#
14. Bar all Incoming Call On: #35*0000# Off: *35*0000#
15. Bar all Outgoing Call Off: *33*0000#  ON: #33*0000#
16. Incoming SMS OFF: *35*0000*16#  ON: #33*0000*16#
17. Call Divert Active: *21*Number# Deactivate: #21#
18. Call Waiting Active: *43#  Deactivate: #43#
19. Free Call Block On : *21*1226# Off: #21#

20. My Zone ON: *666*1# OFF: *666*9#
21. Card Recharge *555*16 digit code#
22. Card Recharge *555*16 digit code*017××××××××#
23. Balance Transfer Type BTR_ PIN_ 017××××××××_Desire amount & send to 1000
24. Get BT Pin Type REGI & Send to 1000
25. Active offer Check Type CHECK & Send to 9999 From Grameenphone number
26. Power Menu *111#
27. Call me Back *123*Grameenphone Number#
28. Net Setting request *111*6*2# or Type ALL send 8080
29. Active Miss Call Alert (MCA) *111*2*4*1# or Type START MCA send to 6222 (11.5tk per month)
30. Deactivate Miss Call alert *111*2*4*2# or Type STOP MCA send to 6222
31. Free Complain Call 158 From Grameenphone number
32. Customer service Call 121 from Grameenphone Number
33. Emergency Balance Check *121*1*3#

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