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Top 10 YouTubers In Bangladesh 2021

Top 10 Youtubers : Are you looking for Top 10 youtubers ? Today we will discuss Top 10 youtubers on our website and share the correct information with you. We always try to give you accurate and precise information! All latest information is given in below.
YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in February 2005.Now a days Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the present world.And this is a open platform to share your video contain.
Today we are going to discuss about top 10 Bangladeshi YouTubers and theirs journey:

  • Tawhid Afridi.
  • Prottoy Heron.
  • Arthik Sajib.
  • Rakib Hossain.
  • Hridoy Ahmed Shanto.
  • Ayman Sadiq.
  • Salman Muhammad Muqtadir.
  • Samim Hasan Sarker.
  • Tahseen N Rakib
  • Rasheduzzaman Rakib

01.Tawhid Afridi

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Tawhid Afridi is now no#1 youtuber in Bangladesh.The Name of his channel is TAWHID AFRIDI – YouTube. He is the most subscribed non-corporate YouTuber from Bangladesh. There are 4.38M subscribers of his channel.Tawhid Afridi uploaded his 1st video on May 3, 2015.He slowly began to vlog and create comedy videos professionally.

02.Prottoy Heron

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Prottoy Heron is one of the most popular YouTubers in Bangladesh(Born 14 June 2001).He known as Bangladeshi Youtuber and Model also.The Name of his YouTube channel is “The Ajaira LTD.” . He mostly work about funny video contain. His channel got more viral after the release of his Remix song, titled “Boshen Boshen Boisha Jan.” This song has 34M views. Also they produce short films and a large number of interesting videos in funny contain categories.

03.Arthik Sajib

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Arthik Sajib is another one of the famous BNgladeshi youtuber. He is the founder of a prank-based YouTube channel named Prank King Entertainment.His channel is known as a Social Awareness Prank & Funny Video Production house of some young Bangladeshi talents.Now a days they make short films ,music video etc.But also their content has some social values too.

04.Rakib Hossain


Rakib Hossain is a young vlogger who started his journey on YouTube in 2019.He has 2.1M subscriber.The average views in a 30-day period is 1.1M. his channel is Fastest growing channel which have 95.5K new subscribers in the last 30 days only. His skill and hard work have brought this success. His vieo all about LifeStyle ,Travelling , Challenging VLOG Etc Whatever.


05.Hridoy Ahmed Shanto ElOmTbJ

Hridoy Ahmed Shanto is a one of the youngest popular YouTuber in Bangladesh.His channel name is Hridoy Ahmed Shanto. He produces and uploads short films on his YouTube channel. Which are viewed by millions of people.In his short films he use the local language of Barisal in his video content.

06.Ayman Sadiq


Ayman Sadiq is moslty famious for his smile.There isn’t any single student in Bangladesh who does not know about Ayman Sadiq.His personal youtube channel is named Ayman Sadiq with 1.23M subcriber. He is the founder of ‘ 10 Minutes School ‘. His channel have 1.77M subscribers.Ayman Sadiq is now popular for his free YouTube lessons.He aloways say “Work hard | Stay humble | Spread happiness | Make things Happen | Cheers!”.

07.Salman Muhammad Muqtadir

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Salman Muhammad Muqtadir is the first considered YouTuber in Bangladesh.He produces interesting videos mostly funny contain in startup and shares them on this channel. His YouTube channel name is SalmoN TheBrownFish .He have 1.51M subscribers on his channel right now.He started his journey on YouTube in 2012.His youtube channel description is “Life is like a potato.I like potatoes.”.

08.Samim Hasan Sarker


Shamim Hasan Sarkar, 29, has been acting from his schooldays in different drama competitions. Now, he is busy with several TV serials , Single dramas, TVC, TeleFilms, Shortfilms and Internet Commercials. Besides acting, he plays with music as well .His youtube channel name is Mango Squad with 1.42M subscribers.

09.Tahseen N Rakib


Tahseen N Rakib is one of the most popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. Whe lives in the United States.He generally make roasting videos. his youtube channel name is TahseeNation which have 1.22M subscribers.he study in:

  • Noakhali Zilla School
  • College of development alternative
  • Grafton College Of Management Sciences London
  • Montgomery College

10.Rasheduzzaman Rakib


Rasheduzzaman Rakib is one of the famious youtuber. he work about bangla movie review and highlight funny contain. He started his YouTube journey on YouTube in 2016. His channel name is RnaR . With 1.15M subscribers family.Also the number of his subscribers are increasing very fastly.


There are many YouTubers are establishing their career on YouTube.And also so many are becoming YouTube stars.I think our article deals with the story of the top 10 YouTubers in Bangladesh will help you to decide your how to YouTubing. Hope you all enjoy it.

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